Martial arts and gym digital and social media marketing for growth

Martial arts and gym digital and social media marketing for growth

We’ve helped gyms and martial arts schools get more members by using our digital and social media marketing strategies.

We were approach by a new local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym owner seeking to get new members to register their interest to the gym before it opened. The time frame we were given was 3 months. After speaking at length and learning all we could about their business model and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we presented our digital and social media marketing strategy.

Below are the areas we focused on.

Instagram Marketing

We created their Instagram business account making sure all relevant information was included. We followed all local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gyms that are part of this global franchise both locally and internationally.

Note: The goal was not to gain “likes” the goal is to gain local interest from a targeted audience and convert them to new enquiries that then turned into new members. Our client understood that #LikesDontEqualSales 

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Facebook Marketing

Similar to Instagram, we set up their Facebook Business Page and linked both Facebook and Instagram accounts. With their Facebook account we went one step further and created a Private Facebook Group for future students.


Google Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is incomplete without adding a Google My Business Page to the plan. We set up their My Business page which is Free and a great way to get reviews and testimonials. Part of the setting up a Google My Business Account is requesting verification. This is done by requesting a verification code which is sent out via the post in the form of a postcard. Once the account was verified, we were able to make edits such as opening hours, add logos and images.

Social Media Marketing Content

Because this gym was a franchise the content we could create and share on social media had to be curated in a certain way and certain images could not be used. So we set out with the brief in mind and began the process of creating 30 days worth of content in preparation to begin sharing it on all social media platforms.

Digital Marketing and Customer Service

The content posting schedule we outlined in our marketing strategy included posting 5 times per week. Monday to Friday. We responded and replied to all comments on all platforms and also posted on Google My Business Page. Additionally, we also included our Customer Service. This meant,  that all DM (Direct Messages) or online enquiries were attended to 7 days per week. This allowed the gym owner to continue to focus on completing the gym refurbishment, all admin and setting up of the gym.

New gyms enquiries and students memberships

Within the first 30 days we received over 50 DM’s on Instagram and 15 Facebook enquiries. This lead to 10 Free Trials being taken up.

In the second month both Facebook and Instagram accounts had grown well over 500 followers and the enquiries and DM’s continued. People were interested about the Free Trials, time tables and Membership costs.

By the third month and two weeks before opening, the gym had secured 50 new paid members, and 20 Free Trials were booked in.


UGC – User Generated Content & Check Ins

Another important part of our digital and social media marketing strategy was asking members for two things. Their content and their participation in “Ckecking In” to the gym.

Both these allowed the gym to gain more reach, engagement and ultimately more members.

Note: we have worked with Jeremy, who owns and operated Gracie Barra Wetherill Park & Gracie Barra Castle Hill for well over 3 years. We’ve helped his first gym, Wetherill Park succeed to a level that he then opened his Castle Hill gym in the midst of Covid-19.

If you want to Grow your gym or martial arts school with digital and social media marketing, we’d be more than happy to work with you.

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