Here are some Social Media Tips to Establish your Brand

Ok, so you’ve heard all the HYPE and all the BUZZ words around the importance of Social Media to any business, large or small.

So we though we’d let you all know , in simple terms how Social Media can “really” help your Brand or Business.

1. Uniform. NO, not what you or your staff wear. Although that may be important in some ways. But what we are talking about is your business image. What your business is telling the world through the following items that we suggest should be uniformed.  If your business has a logo, business card, particular colours and fonts, we suggest so too should your Social Media.                                                                                                

Why? It makes it easier for your customers and future customers to identity you amongst all the Social Media noise.

2. Real Estate. NO, not the building you lease or own. We’re talking about the platforms or channels you use. You and I don’t own Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. We are merely using their real estate, for FREE for now. So be prepared for change and constant change. The likes of Facebook have already made some real changes to Business use of Facebook, some aren’t happy about it, but guess what? It’s not ours, so carry on. This is why your realestate is far more important to your business than any Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account.                                                                                                                        

Why? Because your website is yours! Simple. Sure you pay for a domain name, hosting and design work. You may even pay some one like us, 2 Sons, to maintain and create content for it. But it’s still yours to change when you like, update or close down if your want. So here’s our TIP  : Look after it. Understand it’s future value to your business and Maintain it. People know when a website has been untouched for a while and that reflects poorly on you and your business.

3. Learn. Learning how to effectively use a platform or channel can be challenging and time consuming. Too often we see SME trying to tackle 2 or 3 different platforms and fail in all of them. You need to choose where you will be and how to use it.                                     

Why? Because your audience ins’t silly. They can tell very quickly how good a brand is by the way they use social media. Your commitment to your audience is most important. Don’t be caught half doing your social. Remember this quote;  Only do half the work, if you are happy with half the results.

5. Hire Experts. If you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to do a great job of your social, hire someone. Establish your brand on Social Media should be front of mind.                

Why?  For the same reason you hire an accountant, tradesman, and other staff. Sure you can do it. But can you do it effectively, efficiently and maintain it constantly? Take a moment. As a business owner you know what it cost your business to do the books each month or quarter. You definitely know what it cost you to run your business. So consider that cost of hiring a Social Media Manager who can look after all your Digital and Social Media Marketing tasks for you, and allow you the time to focus on the business of making money.

6. Respect and Respond.  The world is a complicated place. And according to Facebook 1.2 Billion of us are on Facebook. That means when your audience engages you on social media, you need to respect their views and respond.                                                                            

Why?  Because by default you are public property. Remember Point 2. Real Estate. you’re on someone else’s property. So you need to learn to deal directly with the good, bad and ugly. We are of the view that every comment deserves a response. It’s quick and easy to do. So those brands not doing it; clearly don’t appreciate their audience enough to post a simple “thank you all for todays comments”. Simple right. This in turn will lead to more engagement.

Always work on – Establish your brand on Social Media – We appreciate that your days are long and we understand you need to do what you know best. Your Business!

So let us do what we know best – Digital and Social Media Marketing. 

We will set up, maintain and manage your Social Media and ensure you are not missing out on the Growth Potential from Social Media.

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