Instagram marketing for business. Is it worth it?

Is Instagram working for your small business?

As small business owners we know we need to be on social media Why? Because our customers hang out there!

So is Instagram a good fit for your small business?


Instagram generates 15% more website traffic than Facebook! 

Instagram generates 10 leads per month for us!

How do we do it? 

1. Focus on engagement not “likes” – that’s why we created #LikesDontEqualSales hashtag back in June 2015! 

2. Create content that adds value. This does not mean you spend all your time posting images of your products just because you sell a product!  

3. Post each and every day! As a minimum!  

4. Engage others. If you want people to like, follow or comment on your account, guess what? You’ll have to do the same thing. Remember our other hashtag: #SocialIsHuman – here’s that article.

5. Do check your DM’s [Direct Messages] We manage many Instagram accounts for businesses and you wont believe how many businesses never, ever check their DM’s. When we take over, we find loads of DM’s from prospective customers asking all sorts of questions about a businesses products, services, business hours, etc.

Check them NOW!

6. Check your Insights. That’s where you find important information about your content, follows, website clicks and when the best time to post is! 

7. Have fun with it. Don’t be too serious. After all it’s a social platform first, a business tool second.

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