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As a local business you need to find local customers. Our local marketing strategies work.

Let’s be honest. Times have changed and so too has marketing your business. Word of mouth still works, but you need to be innovative in your marketing efforts.
For some business owners, they like the local newspaper, letter box drops, or a flashy, new bells and whistles website, or even pouring thousands of dollars into Google Ads.
All the above can help and can work! But don’t dismiss the digital aspects of marketing. We’ve helped hundreds of local Sydney businesses reach, engage and gain more customers with our marketing strategies. As a local marketing agency, we apply the same marketing strategies and the results are amazing. Yes. It takes time. Yes, it requires work. But it does work.
“If you’re a local business, you need local customers”. Sergio Garcia – Founder : 2 Sons Marketing
This is especially true for business that have a bricks and mortar footprint like retail location, or localised client base. Whether you are an established Sydney beauty salon or a professional painter that covers a large area of Sydney.  Your business growth could be dependent on your local presence in the market.
Our full service Sydney based marketing agency, 2 Sons Marketing uses and recommends the following tips to it’s clients.
In the world of short attention spans, some of the oldest tricks in the book are the ones with cut-through. We’ve put together a list of classic marketing tactics that local businesses shouldn’t forget.
1. Sponsor a local sports team
Even if your child doesn’t participate at the local club, putting some support behind a local club team can quickly open up conversations with potential new customers. An investment of almost any size can go a long way and get your brand on the front of a jersey.  This can create goodwill within your local community, building the overall value of your business and exposing your business to potentially hundreds of locals each and every weekend.
2. Direct Marketing – Letter Box Drops
We hate junk mail.  Plain and simple. However if your demographic is a little older, a letter box drop might be perfect. The older demographic loves going through the junk mail! Maybe a magnet with your business details may be more effective?
3. Social Media & SEO
A well managed social media presence can help you build a network of fans and like-minded businesses around yours. However it must be consistent, well-managed, engaging and valuable.
When everyone was using the Yellow Pages you did, now everyone is using social media and you think you don’t need it!  Sergio Garcia – Founder : 2 Sons Marketing
If you are a small business, having an Instagram account allows you to reach a larger, more targeted audience. We manage quite a few Instagram accounts for Sydney local businesses as well as some businesses abroad and we know Instagram works! for any type of business.
Feel free to check some of our social media marketing and management work.
When using Instagram to market your local business, content, engagement and reach is the goal. Not likes!
4. Claim your Google Business Page
This may seem obvious, but the amount of businesses that do not have one is mind blowing.
It literally takes a few minutes to set up and it’s done. Note: This is a great way to drive new customers to you. As they search for products and services on their mobile device, if they have location services switched on – and they are near your business, you may very well get a call from them.
Please ensure you have the correct information listed and optimised on Google. It means you are more likely to appear in searches. Encouraging your customers to review you once you have provided a product or service will help to build your profile and entrust you to new customers.
2 Sons Marketing believes the best way to ensure marketing success is with a well thought out Marketing Plan, specific to your business and industry.
Smaller business will benefit from a strategic marketing plan just as big businesses do. A strategic marketing plan will ensure any activities will be in line with target markets, goals for the business and are realistic in terms on delivering leads that will turn into sales.
It will help you develop marketing activities that will reach, engage and convert customers.
Small, medium or large business? We’ve worked with them all.
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