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Sergio Garcia and Gary Vaynerchuck aka GaryVee


We created the hashtag “Likes Don’t Equal Sales” back in 2015 when we realised that getting “likes” on an Instagram post did not mean making a “sale”. We said it again in 2016, but people weren’t listening.

When we said it at a social media workshop in 2017 some business owners finally agreed.

By 2018 more and more people started to see that even though their accounts had a good number of followers and their posts received a healthy number of “likes” they still weren’t converting to “sales”

So here we are in 2019. If you haven’t worked this out by now.

Ask yourself.

If I have 1,5,10,000 Followers on Instagram and I get 20,50,100 “likes” per post, why am I not quoting or selling 20, 50 or 100 products of services?



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