Google Local SEO is super important to any business, particularly if you’re a local business relying on local customers.

Google Maps help in directions, and if you know about google maps marketing, you are already familiar with the concept of Google Places. When your business is searched, it adds a box to the right side of the search results displaying all the necessary details.

Google local seo shows on the Google maps. The most beneficial aspect about google local seo is the improved search ranking.

Google is the key place people go to look for answers. 3.5 billion searches happen every single day. on an average, approximately 97% of consumers browse for local businesses online. Through both organic and paid searches, google could substantially impact your brand awareness and customer traffic.

With increasing competition and businesses popping up, the need to know about businesses in the area has become a necessity this year. google places let us see what we need near us. Google local allows your business to be verified on google places. it gives trust and confidence to google that you are a legitimate and trustworthy company that provides its services.

The aim of all businesses is to be ranked among legitimate and trusted companies.

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