Your Smart Phone is the most powerful Small Business tool you have. How to successfully use your smart phone to do business will show you how to best use this mobile Super tool.

Today it’s very important to be able to be connected to the world. If you own a small business your smart phone is your best friend. Here’s why. With your smart phone you can obviously receive and make phone calls, but you can also send and receive emails, orders, participate on Social Media and read the latest news from around the world in seconds.

Today we will give you a “behind the scenes” look at how we use our smart phones and we hope to illustrate to you how important these little computers are to us.

So we have covered the “usual smart phone” usage, Calls, Emails, Internet and Social Media. Now for the real fun stuff.

As you are well aware, creating quality content for your websiteblog or social media is very important. However in the past you needed a PC or Laptop with some expensive software to draw, photoshop or design your visual content.

Not anymore!

We would like to share with you our favourite smart phone apps for creating professional looking visual content.

Our first iPhone – SmartPhone app for small business on the Go is;

Phonto – this cool free app allows you to upload your image from your smart phone, crop it and add text to it. It has loads of cool fonts and you can also add symbols and overlay your logo to the image you are working on. Once you are done you can save it to your iPhone or smartphone or upload it straight to Instagram. The Phonto app allows you to create visual content on the move. We highly recommend it.

Gmail – ok so maybe not-so “new” or “cool” but powerful non the less. We love Gmail for it’s fast response, email notifications and the ability to use Gmail Docs and best of all . .  no need for a PC or Laptop. If you don’t have the Gmail app on your smart phone, do it!

Facebook for Business If your small business spends a lot of time on Facebook you need the Facebook for Business App. It gives you real time analytics for your business page. You can actually see the results of your latest post and previous posts quickly and easily. You can also “boost” a particular post right from your phone. If your small business focuses its Social Media efforts on Facebook, you need this app!

The following apps are really useful to all you Instagram users. These are the actual smartphone apps we uses every single day!

InsTrackInstaTrack for iPhone App allows you to keep track of new followers and those accounts you follow. Just open the app. Refresh and you will see a fresh list of new followers, and those that have unfollowed you. It’s easy to keep tabs on your accounts. The Instatrack app is Free but does offer “paid” options for, who’s blocked you, best followers etc.

Layout from InstagramThe name says it all. Layout allows you to create cool content in the form of collages and add text to your visual content. You can upload direct to Instagram or save the image to your smartphone.

Repost App We use this app when we want to share other Instagram Accounts content. It’s a cool app because you can quickly share another Instagram’s content and it also tag’s creator of the account so they know you have Reposted/Regramed and it adds a cool little image of their account so your followers know who created the content.

We hope we have managed to impress upon you the importance and power of your smartphone for business. 

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