How to avoid a social media fail!

Here are some Social Media Tips that can help you avoid a fail on Social Media.

Ok before we begin we need to understand that Social Media Marketing is very important to your small business and should be considered as a long term investment. Social Media isn’t a passing fad! It’s getting bigger and more complicated. If you do not have the time or experience to make it work for you, hire someone. How not to fail on Social Media starts now.

1. Before you begin. You may want a Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram account because every other business has one and you may have a personal account on one of these platforms.

We need to ask ourselves a couple of questions.

What is the problem you are trying to solve for your customers?

What is the outcome of your Social Media campaign?

2. You are on too many platforms and not strong in any.  Social Media is big business and with so many platforms to choose from and many more on the way up, you need to decide where to focus your efforts. It may mean your small business is only on Facebook. It may mean you decide Facebook and Instagram is better for your business. Whichever you choose – make it stick and work at it. Remember, Social takes time, to build a following, build rapport and relationships. Only then can you generate leads that then become sales.

3. Not knowing your Audience. Who really is your audience? Are they Millennials    (Gen Y) 35 – 40 or 45 -55 year bracket? Do you know where your audience spends most of their social time? Do they use Social? What does my audience want? Once you have answered these questions you can better plan your Social Media Campaign directed to your audience for maximum engagement.

4. Are you measuring your Social Media Campaign?  What is your outcome for using Social Media? Page likes? More Followers? Exposure? Lead Generation? More Sales? Time Specific? Let us assume our outcome is to increase our followers by 20% in 60 days. What plans have you drawn up to accomplish this?  How often will you post? What content will you share? What level of engagement and participation will you be involved in? Will you do all the work or outsource? What is your budget for this? Will it work with existing advertising?

5. No Plan.  Most of us can set up a Facebook page, after all Facebook has 1.2 Billion active users. It is also quite easy to set up Twitter, Instagram and Google+. However to do it right for a small business is a little more challenging. Most small businesses are using the above mentioned platforms the same way they use their personal pages. This is definitely setting ourselves us for failure. To give you an example, it takes many “actual hours” to get real, organic growth on Social. The old saying, ” if I build it, they will come”.Doesn’t work and isn’t accurate all.

6. Website ready. Most small businesses today have a website and that’s great. However, how many of these websites are mobile responsive? Are easy enough to navigate? Load quickly? Have a way for customers to easily contact you? Social Media is about engaging your audience. If your doing social right, your audience will head to your website looking for more information and possibly to make a purchase. Imagine the frustration of a new lead (one of your followers – your audience) heading to your website, using their smart phone, and the following happens. . .website takes too long to load -Fail –  if it loads quick it looks funny because it doesn’t look right on the smart phone -Fail – then they spend a minute or so looking for your contact number or sign up page – Fail  

Now think for a moment. . . has this ever happened to you? and what did you do?

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