Driving Business using Instagram

Let’s look at Instagram as an option for your business to reach and engage with a targeted audience. Below is some really interesting facts about Instagram use in Australia from our friends at Facebook.

From Australia to Japan, Instagram offers a place where people of many ages express how they see the world around them. As of June 2018, the global Instagram community has more than one billion active monthly accounts.1 We set out to understand more about the people behind these accounts, namely why they choose to use Instagram and what types of content they like to see from brands. To do this, Facebook IQ commissioned two studies with people who turn to Instagram regularly. We learned that Instagrammers’ relationship with the platform is growing stronger, and that brands play a big role in that community. With nearly three in four people surveyed in Australia (70%) saying that Instagram is a place that enables interaction with brands, marketers have the opportunity to reach valuable customer segments across many generations, as well as people who don’t watch TV on a weekly basis. What’s more, the people in our surveys indicate that they’re eager to hear from brands on Instagram.

A note on Instagram methodology

The research and findings in this article are based on two extensive research studies. First, Facebook commissioned LRWTonic to conduct a qualitative study consisting of in-depth, hour-long interviews with 70 people aged 18 and older who used Instagram multiple times a day across nine countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, United States). That qualitative data helped inform a quantitative study commissioned by Facebook from Ipsos, administered as a survey of 21,000 people aged 13-64 who used Instagram at least once a week across 13 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States). Survey response styles might vary across countries due to cultural differences, but scale anchors remained fixed within each country. For example, Japan respondents may tend to answer questions more conservatively than respondents in Brazil.

People choose Instagram for many reasons

According to our research, Instagrammers’ affinity for the platform is on the rise, with little sign of slowing down. Of people surveyed in Australia, 53% say they use Instagram more than they did a year ago, and 39% say they will use it even more in the coming year. This growth can be attributed to the success of Instagram Stories, an increase in direct messaging and the launch of new products such as IGTV. Those numbers are particularly strong in mobile-first regions such as India, Brazil and Turkey where many people primarily rely on their smartphones to access the Internet. In fact, in one study on emerging markets, more than two in three people said they access the Internet solely through mobile.

Instagram is a diverse ecosystem made up of people, non-profits, influencers and brands. When we asked people in Australia what they associated with Instagram, some of the top responses were that the platform allows interaction with influencers and friends and family. And those top associations vary from country to country. For example, in Japan, the top response people gave was that Instagram allows them to keep up to date on trends. Additionally, nearly three in four respondents in Australia (70%) told us that Instagram is a platform that allows interaction with brands. These interactions might take the form of a snack company using polls in Instagram Stories to let fans vote on a new flavour of crisp, or a fashion brand reposting photos of chic #OOTD posts.2 It’s also worth noting that 41% of people surveyed in Australia say the platform has ads relevant to them. #LikesDontEqualSales Join us on Instagram.com/2SonsMarketing


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