Why your Small Business needs to use a Social Media Manager! 

We have been asked on numerous occasions, “Why should I use Social Media Manager?” So todays post will address the importance of Social and your Business.

Here are some Social Media Tips that can help you avoid a fail on Social Media.

Let’s be frank.

Social Media Marketing is a powerful brand building tool – but only if it’s done right. Managing Social Media is a full time job. You need to know how to use the power of Social Media.

You need to create content, manage this content, engage the audience. If that doesn’t keep you busy, you need to find time to network and connect with others on Social. As a business owner you have limited time and resources. This is why it’s best to outsource your Social Media Marketing.

It’s hard to let go and not try and do it all yourself. After all it is your business and you know it better than anyone. Let’s look at the cost involved. Do a Google search of  “Social Media agency rates” and you will be flooded with all sorts of agencies offering all sorts of plans and monthly fees. This is the tricky part. How do you value the spend on Social Media Marketing? 

Ok, let’s look at it this way. When you hire a Social Media Manager or agency, like ours, you’re hiring those of us that have the time to specifically address your Social Media needs.

We are not distracted by staff issues, payroll, ordering stock, and other tasks you look after each and every day at your business.

We also have the systems in place to create and manage your Social and Digital presence. You may be considering hiring an office junior to look after your Social? 

Do they have the experience and maturity to handle Social? 

How long before the “office junior” starts handling other “work” related tasks? 

Have they got the time or interest to keep up with the ever-changing face of Social? 

We feel these are all valid questions you must ask yourself. 

Social Media isn’t always about the numbers. There are services where you can buy Followers or Likes. Buying Followers and Likes does not help your business. You need real people to Follow and Like you. Because these are the people that will SHARE your content to others, most likely friends and family. Then the same process continues.

So buying 10,000 Followers or Likes from some obscure country doesn’t help at all. BUT, gaining 100 Followers and Likes from people who share your content is far more valuable. This one simple “TIP” may have saved you only $50.00 for the purchase of the 10,000 Followers

– But it has saved you months of frustration and worry over why these 10,000 Followers have not converted to any SALES!  While many small businesses understand how important Social Media Marketing is to there business , they also tend to think, “anyone can do it”  By hiring a Social Media Manager you can gain the lead on your competition and be seen as the authority in your field. More importantly Google now recognises social media rankings. which means that a popular and exposed brand on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, or other Social Media platforms may boost your websites search rankings, giving you a BIGGER advantage over the competition.

This was your second free tip! 🙂 Social Media isn’t just a “fun” thing we play with during down time or on weekends. It’s the “must have” tool in your small business tool belt. Just like one of your staff, or that piece of equipment that you use every day to generate income.

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