Why tradies need their own website

Why tradies need their own website

How tradies can save $16,000 with their own website and help people find a tradie near me. 

As a tradie you’re probably familiar with the websites that many customers use to find a tradie. websites like  Airtasker, Oneflare and of course Hipages.

These websites are great for the consumer looking to get some work done around the house. They’re easy to use and they can request 3 quotes from tradies in minutes!

As a tradie, have you considered the actual cost of using these websites for your business?

Have you worked out the real cost to you as you pay upwards of $30.00 for a new lead or quote request?

Keeping in mind you have to pay for the lead before you can quote the job, and you will be competing with up to 3 other tradies to secure the job!

Here’s how tradies can save $16,000 every year

We have clients like you, tradies, that are looking for more effective and cost reducing ways to grow their business.

So we ran the numbers to show you how much you are actually spending each year buying leads and quoting, sometimes low paying jobs.

Here it is:

– Cost of average lead or quote: $30.00

(buying 5 leads per week: $150.00 p/w)

– 5 leads per week multiplied by 48 weeks: $7200.00

Now for the sake of this example, let’s assume you will have to actually see these 5 potential customers in person to be able to quote the job accurately.

Here’s what that will look like.

5 appointments per week taking you approx’ 2 hours per appointment to drive to the potential customers home, assess the job, answer any questions, then write the quote and leave to your next appointment or job.

– 5 appointments per week x 2 hours : 10 hours per week quoting

If your hourly rate is $35.00 per hour and you are spending 10 hours per week quoting, that’s costing you $350.00 per week in your time to quote. plus, you have already spent $150.00 the same week for the privilege to quote and compete with other tradies for the same job.

So you are currently spending $500 per week and 10 hours buying leads and actually quoting on potential jobs.

That’s a whopping $24,000 per year! 

$500 per week x 48 weeks

Here’s how tradies can save $16,000

If your business doesn’t already have a website, get one here! I you do have a website,  make sure it’s mobile responsive and has all current information about your business including pictures of completed jobs, customer reviews, social media connected, and of course a quote form or contact details.

You may prefer to invest in Search Engine Optimisation – SEO  to get your website found organically on search engines. This is a long term strategy that really does pay off.

Sample Tradie Website – Tradie and Constructions Website Design

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Concreter and Landscaper Website

Tiler and Bathroom Renovation Website

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